My Name is James – Creative Director

I am a creative director & content producer from Kelowna, BC, Canada.

I produce brands that work in harmony with the universe.

One of the shows I produce is the The Adventures of Allen.

Here is some more of my commercial work,



“Loss of Love” Film

“Loss of Love” is a short film about the loss of a loved one after they pass. Dealing with a lifetime of memories in an empty home is never easy. This film is about the coping mechanisms we use to get through the pain and how being integrated back into society is necessary for recovery.

Written & directed by Brett Alton, produced & edited by Ark Films, director of photography Harrison Mendel


Child Advocacy Centre

Currently in post-production, the Child Advocacy Centre is an initiative by Kelowna Foundation to help reduce the trauma felt by a child after they speak their truth. They are bounced from person to person, facility to facility, with no real care for their overall experience. With the backing of Health Ministry and RCMP, the CAC will be looking to change that and is raising $6 million to fund their facility.

Written by Brett Alton, produced & edited by Ark Films , director of photography Nathan Peacock

Zoe in “Where’s My Money?”

I met Zoe in the arts community in Kelowna and saw a music video she made with her boyfriend. I found her incredibly expressive and wanted to play with the dichotomy of emotions you feel during a relationship. It is set to one of her favourite songs, Foxygen’s Where’s My Money?

Directed, filmed and edited by Brett Alton

Palace of Manufacturers

The Palace of Manufacturers is a art pop-up gallery whose purpose is to raise the bar of local art in Kelowna and push the conversation forward on what real art is all about. They needed a commercial to celebrate their second event and announce their third. They contacted me to excite their base with a new commercial.

Edited by Brett Alton

Monique Angele – Hold On

Monique Angele is a singer-songwriter from Kelowna, BC. She spend hear’s travelling in Australia honing her craft before exploding onto the Canadian music scene with her jazz piano and opera-like voice. Directed by Edge Digital Media, we help orchestrated the ethereal looks and wistful imagery.

Art direction by Brett Alton

Living in Balance

Living in Balance is a powerful network of entrepreneurial women who strive to achieve their goals and find balance in their personal life. They break down barriers by confronting your personal blockers and traumas and help you unlock your true potential. They host quarterly offline retreats in Kelowna where you really dig in and become connected to your peers.

Directed and produced by Brett Alton

Farm Bound Zero Waste

Farm Bound is expanding its business to opening up its first physical location. Jaye wanted to open a zero waste bulk food store and started it by donating portions of her drive to Mamas for Mamas, a local charity for young families.

Directed and produced by Brett Alton

Grounded CBD

Grounded CBD is a CBD-based health and wellness brand out of North Vancouver. They make fantastic granola bars with infused CBD and are becoming a voice in the emerging market for the healing properties of cannabis.

Directed and produced by Brett Alton

Farm Bound

Farm Bound was created only a couple years ago by Jaye Coward. She runs a community supported agriculture (CSA) company that ships organic produce and products to thousands of British Columbians and Albertans. Her work has support hundreds of farmers in the area and fed thousands of families. I helped her tell her story.

Directed and produced by Brett Alton

Mismack Cosmetics & Portia Ella

Mismack Cosmetics is a fashion-forward biodegradable line of makeup. Made by renowned MUA Missy Macintosh, she teamed up with Portia Ella to promote her product in Winnipeg.

Directed and produced by Brett Alton, editing by Portia Ella

Just Create—Short Film

Paralysis in our lives comes from seeking a perfection in a final product before you begin. This affects yourself in all areas of life: business, relationships, completing projects, trying new things. I wanted to inspire people to just try.

Written by Brett Alton, filming & editing by Ark Films

Here at TOPS…

We are an advertising agency who primarily work with eco- and socially-conscious companies. We wanted a short commercial for Instagram, Facebook and Youtube and wanted to use humour. We hate taking ourselves too seriously and thought laughter would make people most less receptive to our message. What came next was one of the most funniest, most complex single shots work ever done by a single cameraman.

Written, directed and produced by Brett Alton

Candlelit Bathtub

A creative concept played with over the millenia, we produced one of the most breathtaking and sensual shoots we’ve ever done. Transitioning from daylight to candlelight, we added layers of smokes and flickering light to represent a sensual moment you have with yourself or a loved one, flickering light off of wet skin.

Directed and produced by Brett Alton with assistance from Gypsy Jay Henna